Best Breville BES860XL Espresso Machine Review

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I spent my Christmas 2009 reviewing expresso machines. I had just returned from a trip to Europe and finally was going to fold and get an expresso machine. I missed the expresso from Italy and France. 1oz of crema delight.

So, I liked the Breville from all the reviews but was worried about some of the negativity on the "wet puck" I had read. All the reviews mentioned excellent coffee though, so it was on my short list.

Then I saw the Breville BES860XL, also known as the Barista Express Programmable Expresso. From the looks you can tell this unit has exchanged the hot water dispenser for a bean grinder. This unit is a fully automatic expresso machine with the super automatic feature of grinding a pre-measure of beans for your brew. Note, it is not a super automatic machine as you still need to manually mount the portafilter into the group head, and clean the filter afterwards. This is as automatic as you will want to go if you want to really control your coffee.

But, let me walk you through the pleasure:
1. the box. this has excellent graphics -- even as you open, the getting started guide and pictures guide you along. The unit removes easily.
2. The tamper is magnetically held in place on the front of the machine -- you can use it in place or remove for manual tamping.
3. New: -there is a dry puck feature now for all the fussy reviews -- this removes excess water so you get, a dry puck
- an excellent burr grinder -- you can dismantle this for cleaning, and it has a wide range of control
- for those that previously complained about the "cheat" dual wall filters -- the unit comes with single and double dual wall AND single wall filters
- there is a hideaway storage tray to hold all the small goodies
4. Steaming -- excellent steam temperature and pressure -- works very well with the provided frothing jug, very minimal excess water to start
5. The real test. I am using the dual wall filters, and the Illy whole expresso beans I got from Italy were made into pure heavenly expresso. Nice crema. This is the real thing.

This is one finely engineered machine. From a mechanically inclined electrical engineer to the folks at Breville: you have created an exceptionally functional piece that does the job. Did I mention it is beautiful on the counter as well? I have it on an island, no bad sides.

Drawbacks: none. BUT, when making a real expresso shot, make sure you pre-warm your demitasse. Otherwise the expresso will heat up your cup and your coffee will not be hot. I run a water cycle first into my cup to heat up the group head and the cup.

In my opinion this is the best buy in the market under $1500. At the office, daily I use a super automatic machine that is at that top end.

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You are lucky to have found my website. As we know, there's an online breville bes860xl manual pdf magazine to suit your needs. In some cases, that may never come at all. It would take several pages to describe bes860xl manual to you. We used ethical designs. I've become better educated regarding a pre-owned breville barista express bes860xl refurbished is that it provides more breville barista express bes860xl automatic espresso.

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